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Astrostem is an online platform that is prepared to support and develop STEM literacy in the field of astronomy and space sciences, which includes course, practice, current astronomy and space science news and users can produce their own contents.


Who we are?

`Hello everyone. We are a volunteer team that astronomy and space science education with children living in disadvantaged areas. We are pleased to present you an exemplary application of interdisciplinary sciences, which aims to enhance the natural curiosity of members with practical and digital applications and increase their interest in science with the STEM approach. You know that there is a need for online education because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in recent days, so, we decided to offer our resources online for free. Please, share www.astrostem.org link with your students and teachers. We are thinking of developing it by reaching more people and getting feedback. We need your supports. Send us your comments and suggestions as a message. This is important to us. Stay safe and stay strong with science.` - Astrostem Team

Why are STEM literacy needed?


Technology, which is developing rapidly following scientific developments today, has carried humanity to the top of the information age. The most important requirements of our age; are the individuals who think, produce, question and creative. In other words, individuals who can absorb the skills of the century we are in. These skills are 21st century skills; Critical Thinking, Creative thinking, Problem Solving, Emotional Intelligence, Innovation, Productivity, Accountability, Leadership and Responsibility, Communication and Collaboration, Using Initiative and Self-Direction etc. They are skills. Individuals are expected to have and develop these skills. "Why are these individuals needed?" comes to us. It is seen that these individuals will shape the future by developing it in their own dreams. Thanks to these self-improving individuals; It can be realized in many fields such as scientific, technological, engineering and mathematics. Of course, in order for an individual to touch the present and the future, they must first develop themselves. This time, we face the question: "How can we help these individuals improve themselves?" This question led to the emergence of many educational approaches in the early 2000s. STEM is just one of these approaches.

STEM, It is an abbreviation of English initials of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics disciplines. It is defined as an education approach where these disciplines are given as integrated, where individuals can use their science, technology, engineering and math knowledge skills with applications to solve real life problems, supported by 21st century skills and direct them to produce solutions, implement their ideas and create prototypes. The aim of STEM is to encourage individuals to learn directly, to reach their dreams and to direct the knowledge they learn to different problems, to train STEM literacy who are aware of interdisciplinary fields and to develop 21st century skills of individuals.

STEM Literacy; means understanding, explaining, implementing and producing innovative solutions for STEM areas. Has problem solving and critical thinking skills for countries; It is important to raise individuals who think, question, produce scientific solutions to the problems they face. STEM education provides the development of many features such as students' trusting themselves, problem solving, giving life experience, being innovative, inventor, critical thinking.

For example; Let's take the news about the astronomy in the local media, "Will Meteorite destroy the world?", "Does solar eclipse cause earthquake?", "Will Black Hole swallow us?" "Will the virus from space destroy us?" Generally, these kinds of news are presented in a cursory way by individuals who are not STEM literate in English. Considering that the great majority of the people do not have scientific literacy, these rumors spread as science in the footed newspaper. However, a person who is literate by STEM will identify the problems in this field by nature and prevent this fake science from forming and spreading, and naturally will go to produce innovative solutions. This is where AstroSTEM comes into play to help individuals improve themselves.

What is AstroSTEM?

AstroSTEM is an online platform that is prepared to support and develop STEM literacy in the field of astronomy and space sciences, which includes course, practice, current astronomy and space science news and users can produce their own content in this field.

This platform consists of a database of lessons and applications based on Astronomy and Space Sciences prepared with different learning methods for primary, secondary and higher education in order to attract the attention of individuals to the field of Astronomy and Space Sciences. Workshop, activity, camp and STEM lesson plans are determined as a result of the applications we receive through the Astro STEM platform in order to examine the attitudes of individuals towards this field.

Astro STEM we STEM interest in Astronomy and Space Sciences by eliminating false information and prejudices, developing twenty-first century skills, and by encouraging individuals' natural curiosity with active practices. We aim to increase in coordination with the approach. We invite all individuals to participate in the AstroSTEM platform and all our activities so that they become good individuals, develop themselves in the field of astronomy and space sciences, and gain 21st century skills.

Why AstroSTEM?

 Facilitating access to reliable sources: Documents, posters, books, magazines prepared by experts online when individuals want, can provide access to physical and digital materials.

 Providing access to professionals: Individuals can ask questions about scientists and scientists, present their research and projects, one-to-one communication with our team and professionals.

 Encourage producing and sharing content: Individuals who reach the lesson and application examples can search for and use applications using different filters. It can add, increase its experience and current knowledge in this field and share it with us through the platform.

 Creating interactive lessons, games and practice libraries: Individuals interactively by participating in live lessons and following video lessons can have the opportunity to learn. Presenting current astronomy and space science news: Individuals filter the current news in astronomy and space science from different categories. it is available.

 Providing necessary warnings about false sciences (ufology, astrology, etc.): Nonsense that is associated with astronomy Individuals are made aware of false science by reaching the right sources.

 Announcing events: Individuals may be aware of events in the field of astronomy and space sciences and STEM, and the AstroSTEM calendar of events can create applications via. Astro STEM coordinates their interest in astronomy and space sciences with the STEM approach by supporting their natural curiosity with practical and digital applications We are delighted to present you an exemplary application of interdisciplinary astronomy that includes our goal of increasing.

AstroSTEM to you with our expert team providing practical, fast and reliable solutions. It is planned to create professional teams for each stage of the project. We aim to take our project further by working in coordination with different teams such as physical modeling, coding, robotics, and content production on social media. Would you like to be a part of this team too? Let's join us.

Meet the Astrostem Team

Our Team

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