Kielder Observatory: New telescope can scan cloudy skies

15.11.2021  17:06:54

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Kielder Observatory: New telescope can scan cloudy skies


A new telescope at Kielder Observatory will allow stargazers to monitor the skies even when it is cloudy.

The telescope, which is 5m in diameter, scans for radio waves and unlike the optical telescope at the Northumberland visitor attraction is not weather dependant.

It can also be accessed remotely to enable distance learning.

Catherine Johns, from the observatory, said it would contribute to "worldwide scientific research" and boost tourism.

Kielder is a designated dark sky site and attracts thousands of visitors a year.The acquisition and installation of the telescope was mostly funded by the Tanlaw Foundation, a charity which supports education, and Northumberland County Council.

Ms Johns said: "This investment will make a dramatic difference in our offering as it means people will be able to access the observatory remotely.

"A school child in Sunderland or Darlington, for example, will be able to experience Kielder without stepping foot here.

"We can use it for citizen science projects and engage a wide variety of audiences in STEM [science, technology, engineering and mathematics], inspiring and illuminating career pathways and providing student placements and apprenticeship opportunities.

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